Webinar (Facilitation) Samples

Beginning your Freelancing Journey Webinar, 2021 Recording

Client Onboarding Webinar, 2021 Recording

Project Catalog How-To Webinar, 2021 Recording

Upwork Talent Onboarding Webinar, 2020 Youtube Recording

Webinar Growth Statistics (Upwork, 2020)
From H1 to H2 (2020), we saw a 37% increase in attendees by adding more sessions and revising the presentation to be more effective from an adult learning perspective. 
Increased talent reach by 11,378 views in Q4 2020 (vs Q3 2020) by adding 8 additional talent webinar sessions and uploading a pre-recorded webinar to Youtube.
The "Beginning Your Freelancing Journey" webinar upload has been the most viewed Youtube video on the Upwork official Youtube page in the last four months (as of 2021).
Average attendance rate increased by 4% from Q3 2020 to Q4 2020.
Storyboard Sample
Lesson Plan Sample

Powerpoint Deck Samples
Instructional Aid Samples

Gift Assets Training, DHI Mortgage (2018)

Documents & Records Standard Reference Guide, Labatt Food Service (2019)

Training Poster Samples
Testimonials (2020)
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