Who is Samantha Huls?
Samantha Huls is an experienced learning and development professional with expertise in adult education, curriculum development, and a strong background in project management.
She has extensive experience working with diverse groups of adult learners through both virtual and in-person facilitation and educational content creation. She has led teams of learning designers on large-scale projects and has served as a professional mentor in multiple capacities.
Born out of a heart for service, Samantha currently serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the San Marcos Housing Authority in San Marcos, Texas.
Outside of her professional life, she is a proud Texan who loves dogs, nature photography, and spending time on the river. She lives in central Texas with her husband, son, and their two dachshunds.
"I am passionate about practicing servant leadership, and I pride myself on being someone who leads with humility and empathy while taking a pragmatic approach to situations as they arise. 
As a leader, I combine my personal experience with the ideas and guidance of leaders who have been influential to me throughout my career, and as such, I serve my teammates and leadership with an open mind and a willingness to innovate while embracing new processes and change."
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